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Negative words cannot inspire positive action.

Don’t say things like, “Sweat is fat crying,” to describe working out, because it implies that exercise is an act of punishment.

Don’t use terms like, “The fight against fat,” to describe losing weight, because it implies that there is something wrong with your body as it is.

It’s a lot easier to stick with working out if you don’t view exercise as something you do to “fix” yourself, but rather something you do to treat yo’self.


I remember when I used to give the crappy advice of, “Stop making excuses,” to folks who wanted to improve their health and fitness, but couldn’t find the motivation. If it was that easy, do you really think there would be any need for personal trainers, life coaches, and therapists? Excuses can’t be cut away with judgment or criticism. The only way to get rid of an excuse is to investigate the roots from which it grows. Here are three common examples:

1. A perceived “lack of time”

Discover the biggest time wasting activities and distractions eating up your days, cut away anything that isn’t necessary, and steam-line the rest.

2. A lack of love or care for self

Self-care isn’t selfish. Taking care of yourself will make it easier to take care of others. Your kids won’t take their health seriously unless you’re willing to walk the walk yourself. Your words will have no impact until they are in alignment with your actions.

3. A lack of social support or accountability

Perform an honest assessment of your social environment. Often, a person’s belief system is a reflection of who they spend their time with. If you’re surrounded by negativity, do you think you’re going to be able to stay positive yourself? I don’t like your odds.

There are no “bad” foods.

Before you freak out about some bogus health article you read with a fear-mongering headline like, “Foods People Think Are Healthy But Aren’t,” or “10 Foods Healthy People Never Eat,” remember that everything is unhealthy according to somebody.

Diets don’t work.

Tell me if these three stages of serial dieting sound familiar:

1. You begin a diet that doesn’t include enough food to feed a mouse, follow it as instructed for a few weeks (or months), and lose a bit of weight.

2. You start craving the delicious foods you’ve been depriving yourself of more and more with every passing day until you cave to your temptation.

3. You agonize over your mistake, beat yourself up, call it quits, decide you’re doomed for failure… and end up gaining back every pound you lost.

Cut it out. You’re not doing yourself any favors with the Yo-Yo dieting.

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Hi! My name is Daniel. I’m a 28-year-old guy who knows what a difference improved health and fitness can make in your life, because I struggled with my own weight for 20 of those years. I used to be so shy that my voice would crack if I spoke to a girl (or, even worse, had to give a speech in front of a crowd).

When I reached my ideal weight, I discovered self-confidence and swagger unlike anything I had ever experienced. I became overwhelmed with a burning desire to help people experience the same difference I did, because I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.

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