5 Super Helpful Health Tips for Busy Women (#1 Will Change How You See Food)

womens health tipsBuffy the Vampire Slayer shared this blog on Twitter once.

Ask me to show you a screenshot sometime (was that the least discrete humble brag ever or what?). 😉

Speaking of Buffy, I thought this quote was appropriate...

"There'’s no such thing as a supermom. We just do the best we can." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

If you'd like to be healthy (but are so busy that it's hard to find time for yourself), these women's health tips will provide a gentle shove in the right direction. 🙂 

"Don't use diet as a verb. Use it as a noun." - Lavanya Krishnan

lavInstead of dieting, focus on including wholesome, unprocessed in-season foods as much as possible in your diet.

Stick to smaller portion sizes, enjoy each bite of food by chewing slowly, and don't cut out any food groups entirely.

Both carbs and fat are essential for the body. Enjoy treats from time to time, because completely banning your favorite foods may result in binge eating later on.

Be kind to your body.

Exercise consistently, even if life gets in the way and you can only go for a walk. It sure beats sitting on the couch.

Lift weights consistently (and don't feel like you have to get your cardiovascular strength up first). Concentrate on the journey and don't stress excessively about the small details.

Lavanya runs an online accountability group for folks hoping to make healthier decisions. She told me to invite you, so click here if you would like to have some gentle guidance and support that will help you achieve your goals.

"If anyone says you cannot be emotionally strong yet sensitive at the same time, please ignore them." - Justine Beauregard


Some of the strongest people I know are also the most vulnerable, at times. This is not a sign of weakness; it’s part of human nature.

Emotional strength is all about being positive, believing in yourself and others, and knowing what you want out of life. When you are emotionally strong, you are able to behave appropriately in the most difficult situations.

For instance, what is your reaction when you fail to achieve an objective you have set for yourself? An emotionally strong person would not hide from their failure, trying to ignore the consequences.

They would accept the fact that they made a mistake, learn something from the experience, determine an action plan moving forward, and make an effort to improve.

Justine is a graphic designer, Zumba instructor, and author who is in the process of completing her first book, "To the Women Who Want It All." She'd love it if you followed her on Facebook and Twitter.

"Any positive change in your eating habits will attract attention. That’s just the way it is." - Bekah Donovan

bekahIf you pack a healthy lunch to work, then that might make others question their food choices.

As a consequence, they could decide to tear you down and make you feel uncomfortable.

It's hard to say if this is intentional or not, but there's no denying that it happens.

The hardest part of changing your habits is convincing other people you are NOT on a "diet." You are simply becoming more conscious of what you put in your body.

Here's a neat language trick that might help you navigate these perilous waters. Instead of saying you "can't" eat something, say you don't eat it.

"I can’t eat that," makes you feel like you’re missing out. You’re giving in to the lunch time police, and doing yourself an injustice by letting this negativity creep in!

"I don’t eat that," is more final. It isn’t the response they were expecting, and it’s more confident. Own it!

Bekah is the proud mother of a newborn (also gorgeous) baby boy and busy college student majoring in literature who wants to do all the things. Click here to follow her on Twitter.

"Goals are awesome. Detaching yourself from the outcome is awesomer." - Clarissa Ledesma Lupton

clarissaSetting goals puts us into motion, but when we become so rigidly attached to them, it tends to affect our lives less than positively.

Place a goal in your life and give it all you got, but let it go and allow the process to happen. So many women get consumed with a goal like losing twenty pounds, but then if they "only" lose eighteen, they consider themselves a failure.

If these ladies could learn to let go of the outcome, they would celebrate that eighteen pounds instead of getting depressed about it (which could just lead right back to the same poor behaviors that resulted in weight problems in the first place).

Don't get upset. Keep your chin up and remember to celebrate any time you take a step forward towards your goal. Live, love, laugh, and let go of your need for perfection!

Clarissa is a rock-star Beach Body coach and proud mom of a gorgeous daughter who has helped thousands of mothers improve their body and life.

Easing into Exercise - The Soul-Mate Workout by Corinne Franks Oh

corinneWhen you think about exercising do you start getting those feelings of dread?

Like, “ugh, I hate running” or “I don't feel like getting up early for that class” or “I don’t have the right shoes for that”, or ___________ (you fill in the blank).

Finding the right workouts that make you feel great and keep you coming back for more is like looking for the right pair of shoes for your sexy, new dress. You don’t just walk in your closet and throw on an old pair of sneakers... NO!

You try on an ungodly amount of shoes in multiple colors, and a variety of heel heights, and straps, at countless stores.

You even recruit help by asking your girlfriend or sister to go with you. She watches you walk around in them while asking you to strike a pose at every possible angle. You keep looking until you find The Ones!

You know that feeling, right? I know you do.

When you are looking for a workout that makes you feel fabulous, why not try the same approach? If you ask a few women that already exercise regularly, how they stay committed to fitness, you will hear things like...

"It makes me feel so good."

"I'm so addicted to that class!"

"When I miss a workout, I feel blah."

These folks have found their soul-mate workout.

The One.

The proverbial perfect shoes!

Exercise isn't a chore for them, it's a part of what makes them happy. It's a treat, it's a reward, it works.

You just haven't found your best fit yet. The only effective type of exercise is the one that you will do, so it's time to start an experiment and try on some new “shoes."

First, pick a couple new workouts to try.

Do you like being by yourself and need scheduling flexibility? Try running, walking, biking or using a home DVD exercise system.

Are you the social type? Find a new group fitness class to try. Do a format that you've never tried. There are just as many types of workouts as there are personalities; the options are endless.

Have you tried (or even heard of) weighted Zumba, Tai Chi, Crossfit, Ballroom dancing, self-defense, stand up paddling, Capoiera, swimming, water aerobics, Kickboxing, Hot yoga, trampoline class, Pilates, obstacle course 5k, TRX, horseback riding, or Tabata training?

I recently added yoga to my soul mate list. There was a time when I though it seemed pretty silly to lay on my back for ten minutes at the end of class, because it made me restless and I thought, “Shouldn't we be doing more?” Now its one of my favorite times to chill and get lost in thought.

There's only one thing missing now... your partner in crime. Who can you convince to join you on an adventure? People who stay committed to their workouts often have a community of people that they work out with. You won’t skip class if you have a few friends that miss you when you’re not there.

If you love social media, connect with and follow people who are living the lifestyle you want.

If you hate social media, connect with and follow people who are living the lifestyle you want.

Just kidding, don’t actually follow people around. That would be a little creepy. But you have to go where healthy people go and do what healthy people do. Your circle of friends has a HUGE influence on your behavior and decisions. Are you frequently invited out to drinks or to a new yoga class?

See what I'm talking about? You don't have to ditch your drinking friends -- I've got plenty, trust me -- but you need to have some friends that support your healthy lifestyle, too. Perhaps you can influence one of your friends to join you in changing direction, or maybe you will just have to ask someone, "Will you be my fitness friend?"

Still can't find someone? Okay. I'll be your friend. Just look me up, and we will find your soul-mate workout together.

Corinne is a fitness blogger and personal trainer with Lifetime Fitness. Click here to connect with her on Facebook.

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Yoga is another awesome health habit for busy women. You can do yoga poses at home, work, and hotel rooms. Interested? Click here to read about Do Yoga Every Damn Day (new e-book coming soon to Amazon Kindle).

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