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Health and Fitness

Do You Yoga - Why Yoga Is the Therapist I Never Had1,100 shares

Lifehack -  25 Cheap and Healthy Foods You Need to Know - 1,727 shares

Yoganonymous - 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Start a Yoga Practice - 10,000 shares

Homegrown & Healthy - Why Consistency Is for Your Own Good12 comments + 50 shares

Motivation Alliance - 7 Things to Remember When You Don't Feel Like Exercising25 comments


Dating and Relationships

The Good Men Project - Your Ex Is Not Your Enemy. She Is Your Teacher273 shares

Motivation Alliance 5 Surprising Benefits of Exercising with Your Partner - 7 comments

Lifehack - Tell Your Partner These 10 Things for a Relationship Built to Last11,558 shares

Thought Catalog - 17 Uncomfortable Signs You've Finally Met a Good Woman16,400 shares

Mindfulness and Meditation

Do You Yoga  - There Isn't a "Best" Way to Meditate- - 477 shares

Lifehack - 15 Things Mindful People Do Differently - 1,121 shares

Pakwired - Less Stress, More Success: 5 Surprising Benefits of Meditation - 28* shares

Pakwired - Meditation for Beginners: 13 Practical Tips to Easily Build the Meditation Habit77 shares

*That share count was higher, but then the number got reset to "0" when they switched WordPress themes. Sorry for my lots!


Psychology and Social Media

Lifehack - 10 Quality Traits All Introverts Have, Even if They Don't Know It - 18,931 shares

Pakwired - 4 Signs You're Addicted to Facebook (and How to Break the Habit for Good)611 shares

Motivation Alliance - No Negativity Allowed: How to Be a Positive Influence for the People You Love - 31 comments

Lifehack - 5 Psychological Reasons You Are Addicted to Facebook (and How to Break the Habit for Good)9,043 shares


Productivity and Personal Development

Lifehack - 15 Things Highly Confident People Don't Do73,445 shares

Pakwired - 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Become a Freelancer1,100 shares

Lifehack - 5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Success That You Didn't Know - 13,455 shares

Thought Catalog - "Be Yourself" Is Only Good Advice When You Have Your Shit Together1,600 shares

Pakwired - Freelancing 101: How to Be Productive at Home (When You'd Rather Be Watching Netflix) - 1,100 shares


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