Freelance Writing Services for Blogs, Businesses, and Busy Individuals

This freelance writer would love to take care of your content-related needs.Your message matters. Let's make sure it's delivered in the most effective way possible.

Thanks for visiting. My name is Daniel Wallen and I provide several freelance writing services to my clients.

The assignment could be as simple as a bite-sized listicle or as complex as a ghostwritten memoir that tells your life story.

I've helped people with projects such as books, blogs, press releases, email newsletters, online reports, autoresponse sequences, product descriptions, sales scripts, media/about pages, and social media posts.

Since every individual's needs are different, I don't list my rates publicly. It depends on details such as:

  • Am I familiar with the topic?
  • Is it a simple or complex project?
  • How much research will be involved?
  • Are you open to a long-term collaboration?

Note: I provide monthly subscriptions to my clients. They're able to choose how many blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases, and/or social media posts they want to receive per month.

Conveniently, this makes it easy to create content with a cohesive strategy or mission, multiplying its impact on your readers and customers. If you want to leave a lasting impression, it's important to know your audience!



"I recommend working with Daniel, because he's easy to work with and asks insightful questions so he can understand the Big Picture. He pleasantly surprised me by sending great copy within two days! Talk to him about your freelance writing project today. You won't regret it."

-Joy Porter,


Want to discuss your project? Send a quick message. I'll provide a free quote and consultation.


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