Should You Go to a Gym or Exercise at Home?

Q: Should I go to a gym or exercise at home? 

A: It depends.

Click ahead and I'll offer two things you should definitely consider before making such an important decision.

Should you go to the gym or exercise at home? Consider:

Point #1: Are you comfortable there?

Some people hate exercising in front of people. It makes them uber nervous and self-conscious.

Fitness is meant to be fun. If you associate exercise with feelings of stress and anxiety, you're not going to sustain your fitness plan -- and if you don't sustain it, what's the point?

Do you love the community atmosphere of your gym? Wonderful!

Do you hate the idea of undressing in front of strangers? Exercise at home.

Point #2: Is it convenient for your schedule?

Maybe you're a mom.

Maybe you're getting a degree.

Maybe you work 40-60 hours a week.

Maybe you do all three of those things at the same exact time.

Sound familiar? Forget the gym.  Fitness shouldn't add stress to your life.

Exercise at home at a time that is convenient for you (click here for a free checklist that will help you get started).

"Should I go to a gym or workout at home?"

I'd love to know what you think. Do you prefer exercising at a gym or at home? Why? Tell me in the comments. 🙂

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3 Responses to “Should You Go to a Gym or Exercise at Home?”

  1. Tobias Armstrong Says:

    I really liked how you brought up the importance of feeling comfortable wherever you end up. Like you said, some people hate exercising in front of people. But some people I know absolutely love it. I think the decision on whether or not to exercise at a fitness club or at home really depends on the person. Both have a lot of really good benefits. Thanks for sharing.

  2. gyminsurancehq Says:

    We like the way you describe the exercise difference at Gym or at home.And yes the right schedule really matters alot.


  3. Aadesh Singh Says:

    According to me going to gym have many advantages. You can workout under the supervision of trained instructors. Which will help you avoid major injuries. Also, there are variety of workouts you can perform at gym instead of then doing same thing at home.

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