My 3 Favorite Ways to Take a Break from Work (#3 Is Sweet)

Here are my top three favorite ways to take a break from work (tell me yours in the comments).

take a break

1. Go outside.

Fresh air calms me down.  Without lifting a finger, my body becomes a totally relaxed instrument.

I love nature's soundtrack.  It's fun to listen to bird songs and wonder what they might be saying to each other. There are so many creatures sharing this world. It's fun to watch them interact in the great outdoors (I love parks). 🙂

My friend Ashley and I trying to look deep and introspective.

2. Experience art.

"Art" can mean  a play, poetry reading, heavy metal concert, etc.  Seeing any kind of art (regardless of method) inspires me to be more creative. The picture below was taken at Sweet Fanny Adams, my favorite theater in Tennessee.

3) Be a kid.

Pictured is one of my BFF's (and cousin), Chloe. If I go any more than a week without visiting, she gets ticked off, and makes sure I know all about it. Our favorite thing to do?  Play Hide and Seek. What's your favorite way to take a break? Tell me in the comments. Invite your Facebook friends to the conversation (click here).


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