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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Start a Yoga Practice

Yoga sounds awesome. How many activities can you name that have a positive impact on your health, fitness, and stress levels? Even so, yoga isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. I'm not kidding. Here are seven reasons why you seriously shouldn’t start a yoga practice.

start a yoga practice

1. Yoga will tame your ego.

Yogis and yoginis have a calm mind. The ego is the voice inside your head that never stops talking. Yoga allows you to access a quiet place. It will feel lonely at first. Sure, chaotic thoughts are confusing, but at least they keep you company.

2. Yoga will teach you to eat mindfully. 

Yogis and yoginis develop body awareness. They notice how foods influence their mood and energy levels. This knowledge is a curse in disguise. As soon as you realize how much junk food upsets your stomach, you’ll never want to eat a Big Mac again.

3. Yoga will turn you into a goody two shoes.

Yogis and yoginis tend to be upbeat. They don’t gossip. They don’t start rumors. They don’t argue for no good reason. They only speak when they have something nice to say. Your positive vibes will make friends and co-workers wonder what the heck happened to you.

4. Yoga will help you improve poor health habits.

Yogis and yoginis often meditate and keep a journal or diary. Self-reflection is helpful for people with addictive personalities. Reflecting in a journal can uncover triggers that tempt you to drink, gamble, eat candy, smoke cigarettes, or do whatever impulsive thing you like to do. Changing your habits is too hard. Don't bother.

5. Yoga will encourage you to be content with life.

Yogis and yoginis try to look on the bright-side of "bad" situations. They understand life is a roller-coaster including ups, downs, twists, and turns that can rock your emotional being. Yoga teaches you to be less reactive to any stressful situation the Universe throws at you. This can be really hard for control freaks to swallow. Trust me... I know.

6. Yoga will steal time from other pleasant activities.

Yogis and yoginis are devoted to their yoga practice. They have jobs, families, hobbies, and responsibilities just like you. There is no way to dedicate every moment of your day to yoga. Life is busy. Making sacrifices will be necessary. You might have to spend less time watching your favorite sitcom or soap opera (unless you are darn good at multitasking).

7. Yoga will reveal how your environment influences you.

Yogis and yoginis love how mellow they feel following a yoga class. They don’t like drama. It messes up their mojo. The more mindful you become, the more you will realize other people’s energy affects your mood for better or worse. Sound like a nightmare? Sorry, but it’s true. If you’d rather stay ignorant, please don’t start a yoga practice. It’s not worth the risk.

Note: I was being sarcastic.

Starting a yoga practice changed my life in surprising ways.

Some people learn best through humor and reverse psychology, so I chose to be silly.

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