Easy Morning Habits That Will Help You Wake Up with Energy and Enthusiasm

Wake up like you mean it.

If you have a crappy morning, chances are you're going to have a crappy day.  Too many crappy days = a crappy life.

This action-packed post reveals how to wake up like you mean it.  If you revamp your morning, chances are you'll revamp your day... and possibly your life.

morning habits

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's work on your morning habits first.

Does your morning look like this?

  • Wake up to annoying alarm clock attack
  • Mumble curse words.  Hit snooze buttons
  • Repeat first two bullets 2-10 times
  • Hustle through a shower because you "over-slept" yet again
  • Eat a bowl full of carb-high/nutrient-dense cereal (or go through a drive-thru)
  • Commit several traffic violations in a hurry to get to work
  • Dread whatever it is you have to do today

My mornings looked like that once -- and it was awful.  Fixing my mornings is the second-best thing I've ever done for myself (first  = to get in shape in the first place).  

But don't worry, young grasshopper: I shall now teach you how to wake up like you mean it.

All you need is twenty minutes.  Don't hit the snooze button and you'll be fine.

Minutes 1-5: Get The (bleep) UP!

Wake up to a non-annoying alarm.  I'm guessing 90% of you set your alarm VIA cell.  Pick a ringtone that doesn't sound like a foghorn.  Chimes -- nature sounds -- waterfalls -- birds singing -- something like that.

Immediately drink 20 oz. of ice water.  Most of us stay dehydrated all the time --which results in brain fatigue and decreased muscle activation -- so let's fix this problem immediately.

Also, the cold triggers brown fat-cells (good fat cells), which combat white fat-cells (bad fat cells).  You can read more about cold exposure's weight-loss and health benefits here.

Brew some coffee or green-tea.  Don't drink it yet.  We need to break our habit of staggering directly to the coffee pot first thing in the morning.

Minutes 6-10: Prime Your Muscles, Prime Your Mood

While that's brewing, activate your muscles.  Do the following body-weight routine to wake your body up.  This will increase your metabolism; boost your mood; and pick-up your energy.

  • 20 squats
  • 10 push-ups (on knees if you need to)
  • 10 lunges (each-leg)
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • Bent-over stretch (hold for 30 seconds)

 Minutes 11-20: Eat Real Food

No Pop-Tarts.  No bagels.  No cereal.  If it's bread or processed, you shouldn't be eating it (unless it's Cheat Day or you just worked out).

Fix some scrambled eggs.  It seriously takes 5 minutes.   I make my eggs interesting with with: spinach, chopped tomato, mozzarella cheese, and hot sauce.

Yes, it is delicious -- and yes, it takes 5 minutes.  No excuses.

Have a banana, apple, or orange with that.  Drink the green tea or coffee you brewed, too.  Don't pour sugar in it: add cinnamon with a splash of milk.

This only takes 20 minutes

Take control of your time.  Hitting the snooze button is doing nothing to move you forward in life.  <-----Tweet That Shit

Follow these steps and wake up like you mean it.  If you start a day on a better foot, you're going to have a better day; if you have more better days, you're going to have a better life.

Making over your morning could have an enormous impact on the quality of your life.  What are you waiting for?

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