Be Weird (Why Aquaman is Cool Even Though He Talks to Fish)

Be weird (and don't apologize for it).

I used to agonize over the slightest criticism:

  • Nasty blog comment
  • Back-handed insult
  • (Whatever the case may be)

I wanted everybody to like me.

But problem with that... you should only be dependent on one person for happiness (look in the mirror).

Be Weird: What Aquaman Taught Me About Self-Confidence

Your "weirdness" is what makes you interesting.

Look it in the eye, tell it you love it, and give it a hug.

If it makes you feel any better, below are six strange (interesting?) things about me:

I'm as nerdy as it gets.

My favorite TV show is Buffy, I love Batman comic books, and I have a really big crush on Veronica Mars.

I am a huge fan of heavy metal.

But when I go to heavy metal concerts, I typically wear warm colors (because I prefer them), but that makes me stand out like a needle in a haystack since 99% of the people who go to these events are inevitably dressed in black (this isn't meant to be a criticism or judgment of any kind, just an honest observation based on my experience).

My music taste is all over the place.

In addition to the heavy stuff, I also enjoy some pop and rap (Pink is my favorite artist at the moment -- I have been listening to "The Truth About Love" on repeat for the last month).

I make up silly songs while driving around town.

The lyrics usually involve things like a delicious sandwich I ate for lunch, a ridiculous thing my dog did, or a cute female I saw at the coffee shop (and may or may not have a really big crush on).

My favorite movie is "Mean Girls."

Also, I have a serious word vomit problem. I just blurt things out without even thinking about it... it's REALLY bad. Anyone else know that feeling?

I have an irrational fear of bees, wasps, hornets, (anything that buzzes).  

I have never been stung*, so I freak out if one gets within twenty feet of my current position.  One time, a bee flew through my car on a summer day. I panicked,  lost control of my vehicle, and came inches away from driving into a stop sign (and then I laughed at myself for a minute or two).

Finally, we have reached the point.

Your "weirdness" is what makes you who you are.

Don't be ashamed of the body that is yours alone -- the quirks that make you an interesting person -- or the individual characteristics that define who you are.

*A couple years later, I did get stung by a bee for the first time in my life during a hike in August of 2015. It did not hurt nearly as much as anticipated. And I didn't have a panic attack (thanks yoga).

"Aquaman is stupid, he just talks to fish... how's he going to be of any use?"

Aquaman doesn't give a crap when other superheroes bully him, because he knows how powerful he really is.

Superman patrols Metropolis. Batman patrols Gotham City. Spider-Man patrols NYC. Aquaman patrols the OCEAN.

Aquaman talks to fish. So what?  If the Joker ever decided to poison the nation's water system with laughing gas, I bet Batman would come running for help... am I right?

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