This freelance writer would love to take care of your content-related needs.Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Daniel Wallen. I produce actionable content for ambitious people who want to live a remarkable life.

As a freelance writer, I provide content production services for blogs, businesses, and busy individuals. Your message matters. Let’s make sure it’s received in the most effective way possible.

Once upon a time, I was an online health coach. If you wonder why so many of my blogs concern fitness, that's why! I'm still passionate about health and fitness, but this wasn't the best career choice for me.

Coaching isn't my greatest strength. I'm far from bad at it. That said, I've been writing since I was sixteen, so it's not hard to see how this skill would be more developed. After years of frustration, I left the fitness industry and went "All In" for my freelancing career.

Best. Decision. Ever.

The process of finding clients got a thousand times easier. I became more confident in my ability to produce solid results. And there's no worries about how I'll afford rent and groceries. Ever since I became a freelancer, I've been able to save money at a more aggressive pace than any other point in my life. It's amazing how stress melts away when you achieve financial stability. (Heads-up: I'm gonna get a bit "salesy" now... just letting you know in case you'd rather read my life philosophy.)

How am I different from other freelancer writers?

I prefer long-term collaborations. You can't publish one blog and expect a miracle to happen. That requires planning and patience. I've helped several clients create Big Picture content production strategies. They have enough blogs in the bank to keep their readers engaged for a year or longer. I also help clients milk content for everything it's worth. For example: how can a blog series be transformed into a book or online course? This is extremely important to consider!

What are some examples of my freelance writing services?

The project could be as simple as a short-and-sweet list post. Or it could be as complex as a long-and-elaborate memoir. I've helped my clients -- featured on popular news and talk shows such as 20/20, Today, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper, Rachael Ray, Steve Harvey, and Dr. Phil -- with assignments including:

  • Blogs
  • Books
  • Articles
  • E-books
  • Sales pages
  • About pages
  • Ghostwriting
  • Online reports
  • Press releases
  • Email newsletters
  • Magazine columns
  • Product descriptions
  • Autoresponse sequences
  • Social media management

Put simply, no project is too big or small for this freelance writer. Contact me for a free quote and consultation today. 🙂

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