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How's it going?

My name is Daniel.

Thanks for visiting my home on the world wide web. ūüôā

I'm an actor, writer, health coach, and yoga teacher from Tennessee.

My favorite things include dogs, tacos, dancing (badly), classical music, and you.

Eek. This about page resembles a dating profile. Let's shift gears and discuss philosophical stuff (it won't be boring, promise).

Starting a yoga practice changed my life in many ways.

I'm an introvert with social anxiety. You might not think so based on my behavior, but it's nonetheless true. Hint: acting onstage in front of strangers helps you get over anxious feelings in a hurry.

You know what else helps? Yoga. Conscious breathing, a key part of any yoga practice, provides a calming effect. Here's another confession: I used to have a really short fuse (anger management issues). Yoga taught me to come back to my breath anytime I feel mad. It is an anchor that grounds me.

I wish I had this knowledge about a year ago, when one of my most popular articles was plagiarized. I got upset and threw a temper tantrum on Twitter. I even called out the CEO of the company and demanded an apology. My blood boiled for several days in a row. I am not exaggerating. Talk about embarrassing.

Yoga lowers stress levels (and it's cheaper than any drug on the market).

Busyness is a terrible burden. According to the American Psychological Association, stress causes 40% of Americans to toss and turn at night. No wonder most people are exhausted. Research suggests 75-90% of trips to the doctor and hospital are due to stress-related causes. Price tag? In 2013, Americans spent $3.8 trillion on healthcare. Ouch.

Restorative yoga poses are a great way to unwind after a stressful day. Three examples include: child, corpse, and crocodile. These poses are even better when combined with comfortable props like blankets and bolsters. Don't have those? No problem. Use a small cushion or pillow. They will accomplish the same thing.

Do you ever feel like there is a chatterbox trapped inside your skull? Me, too. If you practice yoga consistently, your thoughts will gradually become less noisy. You will learn how to observe them without reacting emotionally. In time, you'll become so mellow your friends will wonder what the heck happened to you.

Yoga class is awesome, but you should definitely practice yoga at home, too.

I love yoga class, but it has one tiny flaw. Yoga teachers can't build a class that is tailor made for your needs and goals. They have to consider every student in the room. That means a yoga class might not include the poses you need to practice most. At home? Forget about it. You can do whatever you want.

Starting a yoga practice is not difficult. Begin with your favorite yoga pose in the entire Universe. Mine is warrior. That's all I did when I started my yoga practice. Then I added more yoga poses as I gained confidence. See? Simple. Don't let your mind make yoga sound complicated. It's as easy as taking the first step.

If you're a beginner, I encourage you to try a yoga class first. Teachers provide cues about form and alignment to make sure you do the poses safely. Experiment with different classes until you find one you love to pieces. There are yoga classes for men, kids, seniors, new moms, and any special population you can imagine. Can't find a good yoga class? You're not looking hard enough.

Would you like to find out how to start a yoga practice by the end of this week?

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